My 16 month old daughter was admitted to the Pasqua Hospital for a Day Surgery Procedure. In admitting, she received a teddy bear from “Teddy Bears Anonymous”.It was with her pre op, during the operation and post op. I believe that it made the transition into the OR and away from us much easier. She loves it and cuddles it all the time!!! Thank you to Erin and her family for touching my family with your daughter’s love and your love for her!!!!!

My son was just in day surgery for his tonsils to be removed and while there he was given a teddy bear which he took with him into the operating room. This gift made the whole ordeal easier on him and we are very grateful for your generosity.

Our son, Jack, suffered 2nd degree burns to his hands at 14 months of age. On our second visit to the Pasqua Hospital he received an adorable giraffe from the receptionist at Ambulatory Care. His eyes lit up as he was passed the stuffed animal! We were so touched by this gesture when we got home I looked into Teddy Bears Anonymous. Your story is amazing and I am so glad you have found a way to keep Erin’s memory alive. I removed the tags from each bear and placed them in our boys keepsake boxes.  Thank you so much for your gift!

I recently had to take my son to Emergency at the Pasqua hospital and he was quite nervous about going (not quite 3 years old) but when he arrived he was given a bear and he was so excited, he held onto that bear the whole time. When the doctor came to see him, he was very unsure so the doctor

We just wanted to send a message to say thank you. We took our 2 year old son, Fynn to the Regina General Hospital (RGH) on Saturday night. He was struggling to breathe and we found out later that he had croup. The admitting nurse gave him a stuffed puppy that he snuggled in to and held on tight the whole time we were there. Actually, he’s been handing on tight to him ever since! Thank you for running the teddy bear program, it offered so much comfort at the precise moment it was needed.

We were up at RUH Thursday morning for a cardiac procedure for my 9 year old son. The frog my son received from your program was a big hit and certainly helped pass the time waiting for everything to begin. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your time and dedication to such a great program for kids

Our son was sent to RGH with a strangulated hernia earlier this month.  At 9 months old he was confused, unhappy, and in pain. Given that we’d already been in our local ER/hospital for the previous 18 hours and even longer since our poor guy started showing signs, mama and daddy weren’t doing so great either. It gave both my son and I a much needed smile and a moment to know someone else cared when a little bear joined us as we were being admitted.

Thank you so much for bringing us a smile where we least expected it.


My daughter is an extremely generous person, She will turn 7 on May 19th and is her brother Orion is turning 5 on May 24th.
She and her brother both have been to the hospital over their short lives for surgery, ER visits and testes. Both have received teddy bears on every occasion. I can’t explain how much easier a small thing as a teddy bear helps us get through the needles and fear.
One time the receptionist at admitting asked Kassia what her favorite color was, her answer was pink and purple. So the receptionist brought her a pink and purple teddy bear. Orion received a lion in the ER and we named it” Orion the Lion.”
This charity is very near and dear to our hearts.
Thank you for everything you do, please know it has made a difference for many children, our especially.
Thanks again!


Our 6 daughter had to have a procedure at St. Pauls. She was very nervous and already fighting tears in admitting when the nurse presented her with a pink pony even though she already had her own teddy with her. This small gesture meant so much to her and made a scary situation so much better. Thank you for making this process easier for her. It was a real blessing!!

My newborn daughter was admitted to the hospital at 4 days old and spent over a week in pediatrics at RUH in Saskatoon. She received a sweet polar bear and it sits in her crib still at 7 months with her hospital band on it. My older kids tell the story to people of how she got it and it is a great reminder every time I see it to say a prayer of thanks to God for getting her through her first weeks of life.

Our grandson had to go for surgery and was very distressed about the situation. When he was given a frog… his entire mood changed and he was distracted for what was about to come. He named his frog Hoppy who was also given an armband and was able to take him through surgery. Hoppy is still his favorite companion and he doesn’t talk about surgery just Hoppy. We want to thank you the importance of this program and how meaningful it is for the children and families who are in these tough situations


My four year old son received a puppy from the admitting officer at RUH, just before his surgery. His smile when she passed it to him was priceless. Thank you so much for helping make his stay that much easier. I love the teddy bears anonymous program.

Our daughter has received 2 bears from Teddy Bears Anonymous as part of their ongoing medical testing through RUH in Saskatoon. Both bears were happily received and provided a cuddly distraction from the procedures they were going through.  Thank you for doing this. Every child we saw at the hospital with a teddy makes us smile.

My 21 month old son was admitted to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon last week for day surgery. My husband and I hadn’t brought along a stuffed animal to comfort our son as he finds constant comfort in a soother and security blanket. I had wanted to purchase a stuffed animal at the gift shop (if there were some available there) to give to our son when he came to in the recovery room as an extra token of comfort. However, we did not need to do that as the friendly lady at the admitting desk surprised us when she came around and offered our son an incredibly soft stuffed giraffe. Our son was immediately enamored with his new stuffed animal. He carried “Graf” everywhere with him all morning as we waited for him to go in for surgery. “Graf” was also a surprisingly (to us) helpful tool when it came time for our son to have different tests and checks done on him before the surgery. Whatever would be done to him was performed first on “Graf”. Our son was much less hesitant to be around the hospital staff after this. The stuffed giraffe he received was a very unexpected comfort for our son on the day of his surgery and in the days since. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for giving our son the extra comfort he needed in an unfamiliar place and at what was a scary time for all of us.


Each year Teddy Bears Anonymous receives testimonials from parents

Below are a few examples of what a teddy does for a sick child in hospital.